Palm Creek Farm

One of seven traumatic brain injury residential living facilities licensed by the state of Georgia, providing 24/7 care.

The primary purpose of our program is to assist persons with traumatic brain injury to function at their highest level of independence in a structured environment.

Who We Are

We are one of seven licensed traumatic brain injury residential living facilities in the state of Georgia. Our primary goal is to assist residents with TBI to function at their highest level of independence in a safe, structured environment. Our six-bedroom, six-bathroom home provides private bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms for each resident. We're dedicated to caring for the whole person - mentally, physically, and emotionally. Housing six or less residents allows more one-on-one personalized staff care. The responsibilities of running the house and 14-acre farm are divided among the residents according to their personal interests and physical/cognitive abilities.

On a day-to-day basis our residents have the opportunity to:
-Participate in structured group program time.
-Engage with dedicated professionals for each individual's particular needs.
-Exercise in a safe group setting at our on-site gym.
-Learn time and money management skills.
-Participate in meal preparation.
-Complete tasks around the house and farm, including landscaping, gardening, and animal care, etc.
-Participate in community outings.


Life on the farm - see what our home and grounds look like! Check the other pages for more pictures and information about our home.

Large pasture for the cows and donkey in front of the house provides a relaxing view for porch-sitting.

Some of the cows, viewed from the front porch.

A few of our four-legged residents.

Some of our chickens. The residents built a chicken house for them as a long-term project.

We get to use farm-fresh eggs every day. Our residents have the opportunity to collect, wash, and organize our eggs.

A beautiful, relaxing front porch where our residents enjoy chatting with one another and visiting with family.