Four-Legged Residents

One of the highlights of Palm Creek Farm is our farm animals. Our residents have the opportunity to work with and interact with the animals on a daily basis, helping to keep the animals happy and healthy and the home running smoothly.

Multiple studies have shown that working with animals is therapeutic and beneficial to people with traumatic brain injury. Animal care tasks give residents a sense of purpose and accountability, which are often as effective but more enjoyable and subtle than other forms of therapy. 
All of our animals are listed below with pictures. For regular updates on the animals, check out our blog or connect with us on social media.


Honey is our full-time farm dog. She enjoys running around outside, playing ball with the residents, and chasing the cats.


Duke lives with the Piper family and works part-time at the farm. 


Biscuit is our donkey. He works hard keeping the pasture safe from unwelcome animal guests.


Gina had a calf in Spring. She is known as the mean cow.


Hazel is the nicest of our three cows. 


Lucy recently had a calf as well. 


Buddy is our bull, and is the father of the new calves we're expecting this spring. He has been with us less than a year.


Hope was born April 4. Her mother accidentally pushed her outside the fence after birth. One of our staff made a middle-of-the-night rescue and she is thriving now.

Baby cow

One of our yet-to-be-named babies, born March 26.

Baby cow

The other of our new cows who hasn't been named yet, born March 31.


Our chickens live in a house that was built by the residents. We gather eggs each morning and evening.


Sanford is our acrobatic cat. He has a bionic leg from a severe fracture after a climbing excursion gone wrong.


JJ is Joe's, our groundskeeper, right-hand man. He never leaves Joe's side during the day.